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Shipping Auditor Point: Here are a couple areas to review when making your selection between the shipping auditors.

Here are a couple areas to review when making your selection between the shipping auditors.

-    Technology
o    Does the auditor provide an online solution for all the carriers you deal with?  Reporting and shipment level overview?
o    Does the auditor submit all adjustments and information to the carrier electronically?
o    Can all the users within your company have access?
o    Is it safe and secure?

-    Experience
o    Has the auditor’s staff worked in or ever worked for common carriers and or freight shipping companies?
o    Can they review your invoices and shipments with right away results on how your savings can come about?
o    Have they ever worked with fortune 500 companies and or small to medium sized shippers?
o    How did there company start?

-    Fees
o    What are the fees and how are they imposed?  Fees imposed on adjustments that should be waived in your shipping carrier pricing contract are still taken from you.  Auditors should not keep taking a percentage of these fees, they should be stopped.
o    Are all fees in writing on their website or advertisements?
o    Auditors can never completely tell you what they can save without seeing your shipping data.  Have they given you a fee without reviewing your data?

-    Connections and Carrier Relationships
o    Certain auditors will tell you that adjustments can not be completed past a certain time frame.  All adjustments have different time frames, there is no one set time frame for all adjustments.  Then depending on the contacts within the carriers, some auditors can go back further than the policies.  Can the auditor complete adjustments that you can not?
o    What kind of contacts or relationships do they have with the shipping carriers?
o    Will they damage your relationship with the shipping carrier?

These are all great questions and we want to insure where this is a new industry that has recently been thrust into the spot light due to the economical times that you are aware of what needs to be reviewed.  

We look forward to being compared with other auditors as we have what it takes to save you more!

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