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UPS Increases Aircraft Capacity Between Hong Kong And Europe

By eSellerCafe News Team / / February 26th, 2019

Source: UPS

UPS announced the deployment of larger capacity aircraft, Boeing 747-8s to service major trade routes connecting Hong Kong and Europe, via UPS’s European air hub in Cologne, Germany.

The expansion is part of the continuous transformation of UPS’s smart global logistics network, which carries approximately three percent of the world’s GDP every day.

“The total export market value between Hong Kong and Europe grew by over seven percent in 2018 according to the Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department. We can help businesses of all sizes take advantage of such cross-border trade opportunities.”

“At the same time, Hong Kong is an attractive growth market for European businesses as the European Union (EU) continues to engage with Asia through bilateral free trade agreements (FTA) in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.”

Lauren Zhao, Managing Director of UPS Hong Kong and Macau

Increase Aircraft Capacity By 19 Percent

This deployment of three Boeing 747-8s through August 2019 replaces existing Boeing 747-400s, and increases aircraft capacity by 19 percent, on four weekly direct flights.

The upgraded flights are a result of strategic investments to expand UPS’s global air cargo capacity. UPS is adding a total of 40 additional aircraft to its fleet, including 28 state-of-the-art Boeing 747-8 aircraft, to increase its intercontinental air express capacity.

The expansion further enhances UPS’s competitive offerings to accelerate the growth between Hong Kong and Europe, including a best-in-class service commitment with one-day time-in-transit for delivery by 9am or 12pm to major Europe cities via UPS’s European air hub in Cologne, Germany.

Hong Kong Key Gateway In Asia/Pacific

Hong Kong is also one of the key gateways in Asia Pacific – UPS links the city to the rest of the world with 60 weekly flights.

This announcement comes as UPS invests US$2 billion to strengthen its European infrastructure and services while the company continues to transform its smart global logistics network for customers around the globe.

Earlier in 2018, UPS opened two new advanced technology package sorting and delivery hubs – outside Paris, France and in London, United Kingdom – as part of this investment, adding capacity and providing even faster services across Europe.

UPS’s Cologne air hub serves nearly 300 flights per week to 56 intra-Europe and 12 intercontinental airports. This presents customers in other regions, including Asia Pacific, attractive access to European markets.

UPS also launched a new Full Container Load (FCL) rail service between Hong Kong and Europe last year, which leverages UPS’s existing China-to-Europe rail network to provide businesses trading between the regions with more flexible transportation solutions that enable them to balance both cost and time needs. - 24/7 Support including Chat

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