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Access our Carrier Verification Link system to add or update carrier credentials in order to directly link your shipping data to our Network due to our Carrier Agreements and NDA's in place.

By linking your carrier credentials our Network will verify your shipping accounts in order to receive daily, weekly, monthly carrier invoices for processing, auditing, and reporting purposes.

Upon logging into your account at

HOVER over CARRIERS and eLINKS and Click on FEDEX:

to get the following screen:

  Click this button to enter a new Carrier Link for FedEx Billing Online

Complete the fields below using your carrier login credentials for in order to access FedEx Billing Online (case and space sensitive).

* If you utilize a 3rd party or have a different way of getting your billing from FedEx, such as EDI, API, Email, or by Paper Invoice, please reach out to us at or your Account Representative with Ship Watchers.

Click this button to add the Carrier Link for verification of your shipping accounts

You will get an email notification confirming the link is in place or an error message if something went wrong (incorrect credentials, account does not exist, user is not an administrator, etc.)

Please note:  If you update your Carrier Login Credentials at anytime with FedEx Billing Online you will have to Add a New Carrier eLink for FedEx with Ship Watchers.

Any "?" icons you see throughout the web portal will provide additional instruction. - 24/7 Support including Chat

Small Parcel Negotiation and Audit Consultants

Application: APPV10_046 and APPV10_047

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