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This dashboard will have a list of all your shipping accounts across all carriers linked within our Network through the Carrier Verification Link system along with basic LOC (Location of Cost) codes for reporting purposes.  Quick Search, Sort, and Export available using buttons or by clicking on the Header Fields.  Clients with our advanced Cost Allocation Solution will have a total of (6) six LOC Codes.

Upon logging into your account at

HOVER over      and Click   to get the following screen:


Fill in one, two, or all three of the LOC Code fields for each shipping account.

When completed updating all fields with the codes you would like for each shipping account using the quick search and header sort fields if necessary, be sure to update accordingly by clicking the button below:

Click the following button for Exportable options in various formats:

Clients that opt to have the Cost Allocation Solution will get 3 more additional fields and be able to even put company name and address location to the shipper number level for the advanced cost reporting. - 24/7 Support including Chat

Small Parcel Negotiation and Audit Consultants

Application: APPV10_062 and APPV10_062_Export

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