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Ship Watchers Launches our “Apples to Apples Challenge”

Our development team has been working hard to implement a portal exclusively for potential clients to login and view detailed information pertaining to their shipping characteristics, current savings, and savings found through Ship Watchers exclusive audit.  Each client will view a side-by-side comparison of Ship Watchers services and findings against the current findings found within your shipping data performed by their current vendor.

We are that confident. .. 

Our competitors in the industry would not even dare put themselves out on a leash by being compared to another competitor.   We have done our research, collected information, and been tested against some of the most well-known auditors in the industry only to find that our services, fees, and savings prove to be superior.  Our NEW “Apples to Apples Challenge” will now be able to confirm these findings and show the “proof in the pudding” to all potential clients interested in seeing a comparison analysis.

Find out for yourself how our services relate to your current vendor.  Contact an Account Executive today or visit us online at  In addition, 24/7 Support is always available at

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