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First Carbon-Neutral Shipping Carrier Launches in Amazon’s Backyard with $1 Black Friday Shipping

By 24/7 Staff / / November 26th, 2019

After reshaping the shipping landscape in its native Australia, Sendle is helping small businesses in the US compete with big retailers in the battle for consumer spend by bringing affordable, flat-rate shipping to small ecommerce enabled businesses.

Sendle and Ecommerce Businesses

Sendle, the first carrier specifically designed to serve the needs of small ecommerce businesses, announced that it has launched in the United States.

Just in time for the 2019 holiday shopping season, Sendle will offer its affordable, flat-rate shipping service to small ecommerce businesses across the United States, with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or warehousing required.

Founded in 2014, Sendle has helped tens of thousands of small businesses in Australia streamline and simplify their shipping, no matter how many sales they’re shipping a month.

The company has reshaped the shipping landscape in Australia in five short years by surpassing long-established players with convenience, cost savings, and customer happiness, and are poised to take their business to one of the largest markets in the world - the United States.

“The explosion of ecommerce has changed the way that we shop, and big retailers have a competitive advantage. They are able to absorb high shipping costs and access volume-based discounts - something small businesses can’t afford to do,” said Sendle co-founder & CEO James Chin Moody.

“They’ve completely reshaped consumer expectations around the cost of shipping to the point where consumers are abandoning purchases if shipping fees aren’t waived. Shipping has become the new battleground for consumer spending, and the cost to small businesses is far too high. They can’t afford to miss out on that piece of the puzzle if they hope to stay in business.”

The costs associated with shipping are the most common factor driving the shopping cart abandonment, and many small ecommerce business owners report patching together a variety of solutions in order to find an economically viable option, according to research conducted by the company.

“At Sendle, our goal is to help small businesses thrive by taking care of the complexities of shipping” Sendle co-founder & CEO James Chin Moody

“At Sendle, our goal is to help small businesses thrive by taking care of the complexities of shipping so that our customers can get back to doing what they love. Platforms like Etsy and Shopify have made it easy for nearly anyone to start their own ecommerce business, but the final part of the equation is shipping,” added Chin Moody.

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“Sendle gives these small business owners freedom and flexibility by offering a service specifically designed for their needs and levels the playing field, allowing them to stay competitive in today’s ecommerce environment.”

Making The Complex Business of Shipping Simple

Instead of adding more vehicles to the road, Sendle’s network takes advantage of empty space in existing national and regional delivery vehicles, making their existing routes more efficient.

A Sendle package may traverse through multiple carriers at different touchpoints, depending on what is the most efficient option for that specific day and destination, utilizing hundreds of thousands of existing routes.

With this model, Sendle helps their shipping partners make their routes more efficient and profitable, and in turn, passes that savings along to Sendle customers.

For sellers, Sendle has designed a simple and straightforward experience. By integrating with existing software platforms for free, Sendle makes it easy for small business owners to purchase a label and schedule a dropoff or pickup without having to calculate or coordinate any details.

The company’s hands-on customer support experience provides real-time tracking for every package and dedicated customer service, something small businesses couldn’t get with larger carriers.

"We founded Jill & Joey with the goal of creating reusable, eco-friendly products that fit in with the average family's everyday life. It's important that we work with partners that not only share our values but allow us to deliver a sustainable, end-to-end customer experience without completely breaking the bank," said Jill & Joey founder & CEO Thaison Ta.

"Sendle is not only easy to use and beats every other carrier on price, but they also share our mission, that you can do business that does good for the planet. We're thrilled to have participated in their beta program and look forward to working with them for years to come."

Tackling Climate Change, One Package at a Time

The transportation sector, which includes shipping and logistics, generates the most greenhouse gasses in the US (28.9% of total emissions in 2017).

In order to offer free and fast shipping, carriers are forced to run inefficient, partially-utilized routes, chasing increasingly tight deadlines.

“With consumers addicted to the convenience of one- and two-day shipping, and other ecommerce companies rushing to catch up, carriers are running more half-full vehicles on increasingly inefficient routes to meet the demand,” said Chin Moody.

“Sendle is able to take advantage of this available space, increasing the efficiency and meeting customer demand without adding more vehicles to the road, effectively leading to a lower carbon footprint overall for every package we ship.”

A certified B-Corp, Sendle is the US’s first 100% carbon-neutral carrier, making every business decision based on all the company’s stakeholders, including the environment.

Sendle reduces the environmental impact of shipping by tapping existing shipping providers and filling their vehicles to ensure every trip is as efficient as possible and purchases carbon offsets to address the remaining impact.

The company also offers compostable packaging in Australia and plans to extend the offering in the US before the end of the year.

“While ultimately our sellers choose Sendle for our simple, affordable shipping options, we’re also offering them and by extension, their customers, the added benefit of carbon-neutral shipping,” added Chin Moody.

"And with consumers demanding more sustainable goods and services, small businesses are realizing this is something that not only benefits the planet but can actually help them offer additional value to their customers."

How to Sign Up for $1 Black Friday Shipping

Any small business can sign up today to use Sendle at To celebrate the US launch, Sendle is offering $1 shipping for the 2019 Black Friday rush (up to 25 packages per customer, subject to terms and conditions). For more information, visit Sendle at “Ship your packages for just a buck.”

About Sendle

Sendle is the first carrier in the US specifically designed to serve the needs of small ecommerce businesses. Sendle levels the playing field for small businesses by offering affordable, flat-rate shipping across the United States, with no hidden fees, subscriptions, or warehousing required. Small business owners simply purchase a label and schedule a pickup from Sendle, and their package is picked up from their front door. Sendle is the first 100% carbon neutral shipping carrier in the US and is a certified B-Corporation. The company was founded in Australia in 2014 by CEO James Chin Moody and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and Seattle, Washington. - 24/7 Support including Chat

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