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I hope your day is going well so far. I have some information from our network to you.

Our new system went in April 19th, 2012 and was online for Monday morning.  It will be more text based with simple to understand directions for clients and what they can do.  The text base system allows our notifications to not get caught up in SPAM filters as easily as we are trying to get valuable shipment or freight information to our clients as a shipping auditor.

The system’s counterpart within our network that handles the reporting and exception notification will be online for the start to June 2012 and will be able to notify clients quicker and right with the information they requested or needed.

This is just another way we are advancing our clients and their tools.  Saving them more in shipping costs and time spent reviewing other carrier websites for the information that can be right at their fingertips.

We are asking clients to rate this new system, so use the rating system with this article to show us how it is doing.

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