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UPS falsifies ‘Next Day Air’ delivery times, lawsuit claims

By Kathianne Boniello / / April 18th, 2020

UPS delivery driver BrooklynA UPS delivery driver walks down the street in Brooklyn. (Lucas Jackson / Reuters)

UPS doesn’t just cheat its workers — it also scams customers, former workers claim in newly filed court papers.

Overworked drivers are allegedly told to falsify delivery times for the company’s “Next Day Air” service, for which customers pay a premium — between $130 and $163 — to ensure a package arrives by a certain time.

“The cheating is widespread across the New York City area,” claim former UPS employees who say they were forced to scan a package, indicating it had been delivered, only to actually get the package to its destination hours after the deadline, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court papers.

The shipping company was accused last month in a lawsuit of stealing overtime from its drivers and covering up car accidents to keep insurance premiums low.

A “toxic combination of impossible hours and a ruthless pursuit of profit and entrenched dishonesty” plague UPS, the workers charge in court papers filed last week, which also accuse Brown of forcing drivers to leave packages in high-crime areas and then firing them if the deliveries were stolen.

“UPS appears more interested in delivering to their profit margins, rather than delivering packages safely,” said lawyer Tyrone Blackburn.

The company is investigating the allegations, a company spokesman said.

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