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DHL Express Canada (CA) 2022 Holiday Calendar

Source: DHL / / January 2022

*Please note that we are "Ship Watchers" a logistics audit and negotiation provider.  If you have any questions about your delivery or pickup, please consult your tracking information or with DHL directly!

The following is the holiday schedule for DHL Express Canada (CA) operations. No pickup or delivery service is provided on these dates.

Important Dates

New Year's Day Jan 1
New Year's Day (Observed) Jan 2
Good Friday Apr 15
Victoria Day May 23
Canada Day Jul 1
Labour Day Sep 5
National Day for Truth & Reconciliation Sep 30
Thanksgiving Day Oct 10
Christmas Day Dec 25
Boxing Day Dec 26
Christmas Day (Observed) Dec 27

DHL holiday schedules vary by country and international holidays may have an impact on transit time.

UPS FedEx DHL US and USPS 2022 Holiday Calendar Services and Closings

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