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USPS Additional Surcharge Rate Increase April 3rd, 2022

USPS announced January 2022 Rate Increase in November 2021 HERE where rates went up an average of 7.49%. 

Starting April 3rd, 2022 USPS is implementing NEW Surcharges for packages that have any length longer than 22" and 30" inches as well as with packages that are greater than 2 cubic foot (L x W x H or 3456 inches). 

Additionally, if you did not include dimensions when shipping your package or have provided incorrect dimensions a further charge will apply for packages over 1 cubic foot (1728 inches)

NEW Surcharges April 3rd, 2022

Non-Standard Fees

Applies To: Retail Ground, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Parcel Select Ground, and First Class Package Service

  • $4.00 Fee for packages greater than 22" but less than 30"
  • $15.00 Fee for packages 30" and greater
  • $15.00 Fee for packages that exceed 2 cubic feet

The good news, if any, is that USPS will only apply a maximum of two (2) non-standard fees per package.

New Dimensional Fees

Applies To: Retail Ground, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Parcel Select Ground, and First Class Package Service

If your package exceeds 1 cubic foot (L x W x H or cubic 1728 inches) or 22 inches in length and you did not provide dimensions of the package or your dimensions shipped are incorrect, you will be charged an additional $1.50.


USPS is implementing these NEW Surcharges given for a few reasons in order to increase efficiency in their Supply Chain.

Dimensional Fees

  • Extra Time to Calculate Dimensions, whether Incorrect or Not Included
  • USPS can correctly sort during distribution, sorting, and planning

Non-Standard Fees

  • Bulky packages are unable to go through state-of-the-art equipment with USPS
  • Manual processes increase cost for USPS

These new surcharges imposed by USPS will greatly increase the shipping costs for items such as hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, TV's, etc.

It might be time to negotiate a multi-carrier shipping platform so that you know ahead of time how much the shipment will cost across carriers to avoid any surprise charges.

Additional details on these new charges can be found on

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  1. Star Jeffree

    We appreciate you sharing this information with us on the new fees blossom word game and USPS rate increases. It appears that USPS made these adjustments to improve supply chain effectiveness and lower the costs associated with manual processing. The USPS may benefit from these changes, but some commodities, like hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, and TVs, may incur higher transportation expenses as a result.

  2. Thomas Frank

    The announcement of additional surcharge rate increases by USPS for packages with specific dimensions or incorrect dimensions could impact businesses and consumers who rely on USPS for shipping. The introduction of these contexto surcharges could potentially increase shipping costs, especially for larger items or items with incorrect dimensions.

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