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FedEx ships 52 tons of medical aid for Ukrainians affected by invasion

By Nick Papadimas / / June 27th, 2022

(FedEx Photo)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis-based FedEx and Direct Relief are continuing to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

This follows FedEx and Direct Relief's first charter flight of aid for Ukrainian refugees in March.

On Sunday, June 26, FedEx Express safely delivered 52 tons of critical medical aid to Poland from the United States via a FedEx humanitarian relief flight.

According to a release, this follows FedEx and Direct Relief's first charter flight of aid for Ukrainian refugees in March and is the latest in a continuous series of shipments from Direct Relief.

Aid aboard the FedEx Express Boeing 777 cargo aircraft included "substantial quantities" of emergency medicines and supplies, including health kits, trauma and wound care items, chronic disease and chemical exposure medications, and antibiotics. All items were provided at the request of, and approved by, Ukraine's Ministry of Health and local Ukrainian organizations. Direct Relief team members were on site for the offload and the aid will be distributed to health facilities within Ukraine.

“As the war enters its fourth month, Direct Relief’s support and solidarity remain steadfastly with the people of Ukraine,” said Thomas Tighe, Direct Relief President and CEO. “In addition to the heartbreaking loss of life and human toll, the war has had a devastating impact on health services in the country, and Direct Relief is committed to bolstering care with a continuous supply of medical aid. FedEx has created a powerful force multiplier for good with this most recent charter, and it’s an incredible example of what’s needed to address this crisis.” 

Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided more than 750 tons of medical aid in response to the crisis, from field medic packs — which contain items to address trauma, including tourniquets and wound dressings — to diabetes and cancer medications. 

“It is gratifying to be able use our global network to support these critical missions, and with this charter flight we hope to make a small contribution to what is still a major humanitarian situation.” said Karen Reddington, regional president of Europe, FedEx Express. 

FedEx has donated more than $2.3 million in humanitarian aid to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, including $1 million that has been allocated for in-kind shipping with the company’s nonprofit partners. 

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