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UPS launches 1.25M investment in effort to help support local minority-owned businesses

 By Justin Carter / / October 12th, 2022

ATLANTA — Local entrepreneurs are getting a boost, thanks to UPS.

The Atlanta-based company just announced the opening of a $1.25 million logistics launchpad to support Black small-business owners.

It’s located on the campus of the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs on Fair Road in southwest Atlanta.

“With this facility, it helps me make my business life easier so I can get on to the other parts of my business,” said Eva Jane Bunkley, founder of Eva Jane Beauty.

Bunkley is a member of RICE, who now has over 2,000 square feet of space to ensure her customers get their products efficiently.

“When the pandemic hit, the small- and medium-sized customers got hit harder, and then the diverse segment got hit hard,” said Kevin Warren, Chief Marketing Officer for UPS. “If we can lean into the Black entrepreneur, there’s not a lot of companies doing that.”

Entrepreneurs will also have access to their own UPS Shipping Center, where they can ship products the same day.

“Being able to warehouse my products here, for them to pick, pack and ship, it’s just one other thing to let me have the time to tend to other things,” Bunkley said.

L’Angela Lee has her own skin care line, Honeysuckle Moon. She offers over 80 products and says it’s been a major help ahead of the holidays.

“I just love how it helps me consolidate which products I need to highlight, more or less,” Lee said.

Entrepreneurs will also be coached on supply chain and logistics by UPS experts.

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