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Ship Watchers is promoting the “Save Audit Guarantee”. Starting in October we are giving clients our special guarantee.

In the peak shipping season holiday of 2012 we will be working our staff 24.7 to make sure all error adjustments and credits are back where they belong.  In your pocket! 

Our network was and is currently maintained by former shipping carrier developers.  This allows our network to adapt to constant changes within the shipping carriers.  Between billing, adjustments, policies and changing in shipping steps across the board in all the shipping carriers causes more issues with inaccurate adjustments and keeping up with them.  Leave that to us during this holiday shipping season.  Both UPS and FedEx along with all the other carriers will be looking out to increase their overall revenue.  Why would you not have a team reviewing your charges from shipment, surcharges and invoice?

Take a moment an talk with a Sales Representative today and see what we can do for you with our FREE ROI Packet.  Chat with us right now by clicking above at the top of this page or send a quick email to for one of our Managers to return your email about our services.

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