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Ship Watchers is going full force into the peak season shipping for 2012.

Is your company ready for the peak shipping season 2012?  We are now within our peak season auditing for shipping clients.  Error adjustments have already increased over 5% within the norm for our clients.  When it is the shipping carrier’s peak season shipping beginning with the Halloween and early Christmas shipping in October all shippers will notice an increase in error adjustments made by the carriers.  Having a shipping auditor can make sure you get those error adjustments back in your pocket and not the shipping carriers that make a goal for these types of errors within their business plans every year.

Incorrect residential charges, service failures, address corrections, zonal, extra handling and more increase with the seasonal staff that is hired by the shipping carriers.  This is due to the quick turnaround of the employees and the need to get them trained fast and in the hubs for the shipping season.  

Take a moment and gather your shipping invoices, take a look at the extra charges or just let us give you a FREE ROI packet to show you the savings we can produce based on your shipping activity.  Shipping auditing allows you to continue on your way to growing your business while we monitor your shipping for these error shipping adjustments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this news article and take a little more time to contact us by either calling our toll free number at: 800.550.7217 or contact us at: to have an Account Management Supervisor talk to you more about what an shipping auditor can do for your large cost of shipping.

Working with UPS and FedEx as well as all LTL, Ocean and Rail as well...

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