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UPS and FedEx Rate Increases 2013

Have you been able to determine how your rates will be affected in 2013 after the announcement from UPS and FedEx indicating an average increase of between 4.5% and 4.9%.

It is not as simple as adding this percentage to your current shipping rates to determine how you will be affected as not all shippers have the same shipping characteristics.  Depending on your shipping weights, zones, and service levels your increase could be much higher.

Ship Watchers provides a free "Cost Analysis" to our clients to compare exactly how they will be affected and will indicate through reports where you will experience this increase in rates for the 2013 shipping year.  Our reports will provide in complete drill down capability comparisons of your 2012 shipping data to your expected 2013 costs.  This will provide you insight into what to expect depending on your own shipping characteristics across different zones, weights, and service levels. 

Anyone interested in a detailed report should consult with their Account Manager here at Ship Watchers or feel free to contact us at anytime through our 24/7 support group at  We also can include this report through a proposal and analysis to all prospect clients interested in seeing exactly how Ship Watchers can lower their invoice cost through our auditing solution.

In addition, we have experienced consultants that can work with you to re-negotiate your carrier contract resulting in further savings.  You do not need to be up for renewal with the carriers in order to put a request in to save costs on future invoices.  The carriers will work with you to negotiate a current contract at anytime you have a concern. 

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