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FedEx Overcharged Customers for Years, Sealed E-Mail Says

Bloomberg advised yesterday in a news article located at the above link a lawsuit that is ongoing regarding concerns from an internal email sent by Alan Elam an employee for FedEx stating “I have brought this to attention of many people over the past five or six years, including more than one managing director, and no action has been taken to address it.  My belief is that we are choosing not to fix this issue because it is worth so much money to FedEx.”

A class-action or group lawsuit has been brought against FedEx which revealed the emails sent internally by employees for FedEx.  More details can be found by accessing the link above.

Ship Watchers has been working with clients for years regarding incorrect adjustments by auditing carrier invoices against 93 plus audit points.  We have a system in place that cross references delivery addresses to various resource tables to check for accurate delivery information pertaining to residential or commercial deliveries.  Any incorrect charges imposed by the carriers will be submitted back for credit to our clients carrier invoices.  This has been a concern for our clients and shipping companies for many years beyond the five or six years mentioned in this article.  This happens with all Small Parcel carriers including UPS and DHL and whether or not these are intentional charges the carriers are imposing shall be left up to the court system. 

However, we all can agree and even relate that errors can occur at anytime during the pick-up to delivery and billing phase of your shipping process.  Carrier staff including drivers, customer service, and warehouse personnel can alter the surcharges placed on your package at anytime if they feel it has been billed incorrectly.  Alternatively, the automated systems in place with the carriers can also impose additional fees even though they may be incorrect.  All the carriers will certainly issue a credit for any errors found to be incorrect, but determining whether your invoice is accurate or not can be a labor intensive process especially if you are faced with 100's to 1000's of shipments per day and large weekly invoices.  This is why shipping clients rely on the services of a Freight Invoice Auditor.  Ship Watchers does not have any monthly fees or out of pocket expenses and only takes a percentage of the savings found through an audit of your carrier invoices.  Our Network is constantly updated by our development staff to account for the changing carrier systems and catches errors that would otherwise go unnoticed.  In addition, we offer various features and benefits to our clients such as customized reporting, tracers, intercepts, disputes, and damage claim processing all as part of our invoice auditing solution.

If you are interested in seeing what Ship Watchers can do for you, please contact us at anytime for a proposal and cost analysis report of your historical shipping data.  We can provide you with details of adjustments found within your historical shipping data as well as an estimated savings going forward should you elect to have Ship Watchers as your auditor.  We can be reached anytime at or through our 24/7 Support site at where you can initiate a Ticket or Chat Live with one of our representatives.

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