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FedEx changing its security on user passwords. Update yours now and within our system to insure the continued savings.

Clients that use our link must insure they are updating their secure information within our network to keep the savings coming.  We are taking a proactive reach out to all our clients to keep this link in place.  We will be sending out notifications to all users to update their passwords to be at least 8 characters long with 1 upper and lower case within the password.  If you already have these in your current password no change is needed on your part and the link will not be disconnected.  However all users must update their information within our network to avoid a disconnection fee as listed within our terms agreed to when you signed up for our service.  They are located by the link below if you would like to review them:

Please be on the lookout for our friendly emails that can guide you as this process only takes about 5 minutes max to complete. 

We look forward to saving your company more on shipping costs!

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