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Save Money by Analyzing UPS & FedEx Time Transit Maps

As you are aware FedEx and UPS packages are charged based on zone and weight.  Zone cost is based on the location in which the package is manifested.  Cost-effective and customer-service oriented solutions are available through studying the ground service footprints and knowing which small parcel carrier can move your packages to certain locations more quickly.

Ground transit time maps are available through each carrier's website and can be used to determine which carrier can best service your small parcel needs.

Figure out, by zip code, how many days it will take a ground shipment to arrive into a specific geographical area and see what you stand to gain from this exercise.  Some benefits of doing this are listed below.

     o  Shippers can determine which carrier can move their shipment to its desired location faster.
     o  Customers will appreciate quicker transit times and "Thank You" for it.
     o  "Trade down" is a popular term used by sending a package through ground vs. 2-3 day Express saving shippers money on shipping rates while still arriving at the same time.
     o  Great utilization for shippers that don't have specific time requirements but want their package to arrive in two or three days.
     o  By identifying these cost saving measures utilizing mapping footprints, you will save money without sacrificing service to your customers.

FedEx's ground service map can be found at while UPS's ground service map is accessible at

Follow the above links and ask yourself whether concessions to your current business rules are feasible and if they are, implement these changes based on your findings and enjoy saving your company money immediately.

Want Ship Watchers to assist you with this evaluation?  We can easily put together a cost savings analysis for you by evaluating your shipping characteristics and providing you with this insight that will give you the option on whether it makes sense to adjust your shipping or not.

Please contact your Account Executive for further details or visit us 24/7 including Chat at

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    UPS and FedEx are the two largest shipping providers in the US. They provide various shipping options which may vary in price and delivery time. Using UPS and FedEx Time Transit cards will help you analyze different shipping options and choose the more cost effective option that suits your time requirements. Recently I just wrote about the fact that education is better than wealth, I used for this. It is impossible not to agree with this, in my opinion. Saving money on shipping can have a significant impact on your business results, so using cards is one way to cut costs and increase profits.