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UPS Increases Rates on average 4.9% for 2014

UPS announced an increase in rates for 2014 effective December 30, 2013 this year.  Whether you are shipping ground, air, international, or freight with UPS you should anticipate an average increase of 4.9% for all service levels. 

As in previous years, UPS Ground increased higher at the lighter weights with less of an change at heavier weights.

For example, a UPS Ground package weighing between 1-5lbs has an increase of 7.5% whereas packages weighing 76-150lbs show an increase of 4.1%.  The 2014 minimum ground charge is now $6.24 having a difference of 6.8% over 2013.

There will also be increases to UPS package surcharges and accessorial charges as outlined "HERE".

The two industry moguls, UPS and FedEx, will once again be neck and neck as UPS "Standard Rates" will match FedEx's published rates for 2014. 

We are still awaiting the release of FedEx Ground and Home Delivery increases which are expected to follow the announcement by UPS in the next few days and anticipated to follow suite with matched rate increases.  FedEx had already announced an average increase of 3.9% for Express products effective January 6th, 2014.

While the rates from both UPS and FedEx are comparable, FedEx still maintains a better fuel surcharge threshold over UPS on both Ground and Express at current fuel prices.

If you are interested in getting a detailed analysis on how these rate increases will affect you for 2014, please contact us at any time.  This service is included for all clients of Ship Watchers and provides valuable insight for budgeting and cost saving opportunities in the new year.

24/7 Support including Chat can be found at Please visit us at or call our main office location at 800.550.7217 ext 856 to speak with our experienced sales team.

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