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Global Freight Invoice Audit and Pay Platform

Are you looking for a solution that will bring all your transportation logistics into one single location with the ability to pull numerous customizable reports, provide an in-depth pre and post audit along with an advanced Freight Payment dashboard?

Ship Watchers has the experience and Network to work with any carrier invoice worldwide.  Whether your carrier invoices are in a different language, currency, or weight metric we will be able to import them into our auditing Network for complete visibility into clean usable data.  Our platform offers the capability to convert any carrier invoice data into different currencies, weights, and languages in order to quickly review comparison information that can open doors for your global supply chain decisions.
Ship Watchers works with carriers worldwide and may already have a method in place to receive your carrier invoice data for processing.  Should you work with a carrier that is not yet set up in our system, Ship Watchers has a team of experts that will work with your carriers directly on implementing a system to receive carrier invoice data for processing.  If an electronic method of transmitting is not available, our advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Program will pull data off paper invoices to implement into our advanced audit and pay platform.  Due to our technologically advanced Network carrier invoices are processed and audit completed within 7 business days decreasing the turnaround time for payment to carriers.  An optimal payment arrangement with your carriers enables lucrative incentives including reduced transportation costs and increased space availability during peak periods.
Ship Watchers offers our clients two options for Freight Payment.  Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for global corporations to control payments to their carriers; therefore we work with our clients to keep Freight Payment internally through our Development Staff, Payment Dashboard, and Mapping Capabilities into current Accounting Systems.  Alternatively, clients have the option to have Ship Watchers process payments directly to their carriers for payment.   All payments made by Ship Watchers will require authorization by an administrator on the account with the client and all payments are made from a separate client account avoiding co-mingling of client funds and fraudulent activity.  Payments are processed within 3 business days of receiving a confirmed authorization by the client.
Bringing all your worldwide locations together into a single audit and pay platform that is web based and available 24/7 with Support Staff will provide unparalleled synchronization across your entire supply chain.  Clean data visibility will provide the insight required to make intelligent business decisions that will improve the overall efficiency and cost associated with your transportation and supply chain logistics.  Having a unified system in place across all entities will bring efficiency and control while reducing number of vendors required for reporting, accounting practices, auditing, and internal communications.  Combining your global freight invoice audit and spend will provide connectivity of all entities to easily analyze your overall spend under one location and system versus trying to merge all data across various regions, entities, and countries which can be very labor intensive.
Are you interested in learning more about the global capabilities available to clients of Ship Watchers all for just a small percentage of the savings realized through our auditing solution?
Please reach out to us at 800.550.7217 ext. 856 to speak with an industry veteran or contact us 24/7 including Chat at or by emailing us at
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