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Ship Watchers Data Analysis for Benchmark Reporting

As a valued customer of Ship Watchers we will provide you with the insight you need when it comes to negotiating your Small Parcel Carrier Contract.  Through the resources of our advanced development staff you will have access to various customizable reporting including Benchmark Comparison Reports.  

We will compare your shipping characteristics, rates, and accessorial costs to that of other clients with similar volume, cost, and service level detail in order to provide you with an overall view into areas that you can work on with your Account Executive during negotiations in order to further reduce your transportation spend.

While we are unable to provide you with exact rates and client information due to our NDA’s and agreements in place with the carriers, we can provide indicators showing how you stack up in comparison.  Our detailed graphical reporting charts will provide you with key information for each area indicating whether you are higher, lower, or average in comparison.

Contract Negotiations can be overwhelming and one sided in the direction of the carrier without having a solid scope of insight into your shipping characteristics.  It is vital to know your historical shipping characteristics as well as any forecasted changes to be able to thoroughly discuss and analyze your contract with the carrier. 

Our experienced staff consists of former carrier employees that have the intelligence you look for during contract negotiations.  Let us show you how great we are by proving our worth through our consultation, experience, and reporting capabilities while you enjoy increased savings through rate reductions.

24/7 Support including Chat is available at or by sending us an email at

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