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New V7 Platform Coming Out March 3rd... take a quick peak at the "classified" project.

Ship Watchers

v7 Dashboard Platform

Management View

Launch March 3rd, 2014


We at Ship Watchers are excited to announce a new Platform coming to our clients on March 3rd, 2014.

  • New Views (Graphical, Tables And Exports Available)

  • Mobile And Tablet Versions

  • Faster Response On Shipment, Reports And Views

  • Showing You Trends On Surcharges, Costs And Volume

  • Different Platforms Coming for Different Job Functions

  • Easier Use And Savings Views

  • Customizable To Your Companies Needs

  • More e-Alerts To Help You Save

We will be sending out more information to clients for them to review in the upcoming week.

Here are some new screen shots coming to users:

Management Views


This is just a sample of more that is coming March 3rd 2014.

We look forward to showing our clients these exciting changes.
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