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New Additional Servers Purchased. We are excited for the demand and growth! Ship Watchers is moving at a faster than planned roll out of our solutions due to high demand.

Our network has introduced more server power bringing the Ship Watchers processing network to a doubled capacity.  This is due to the higher demand for Ship Watchers auditing and processing solutions that bring back shipping savings!  We are very happy and proud of the clients that have joined our vast growing family.  We appreciate the referrals to other shippers and our staff is working to bring a new type of auditing to the playing field.

Fun Fact:  Ship Watchers’ network now out numbers our staff with its processing servers as well as with node servers that audit each client’s shipment.  This insures we are able to bring our clients a lower rate that is never higher than 48% (each client varies in there shipping so contact us for your rate FREE of charge).

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