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Transportation Savings and Increased Sales for e-Retailers through Ship Watchers

Do you know your "true" shipping costs when it comes to online purchases?  Are you losing customers due to the high cost of shipping at check-out?  Are you losing money by providing "Free Shipping" or rates that are too low?

These are all great questions e-retailers should have a solution for in order to make informed and beneficial decisions regarding marketing campaigns and online promotions as well as to insure you are not losing money.  Knowing this information can turn your online shopping site into a profit center.

Did you know that many e-retailers only operate with an idea of their true costs of shipping?  This unknown leaves questions on draining revenue or hidden profits.  Utilizing a solution to capture real-time data through a cloud-based system or web interface platform enables e-retailers to make sound decisions.  This platform will be able to provide accurate shipping costs for every parcel eliminating additional costs from the carrier such as address corrections and delivery area surcharges while also delivering tracking variation to trends.  In addition, you will be able to determine "true" shipping costs through historical shipping data in order to gauge potential profits from marketing and promotional campaigns.

So, before you launch a "Free Shipping" promotion online it is wise to employ a solution that will be able to present you with accurate shipping costs and trend information.  Ship Watchers has a solution available to our clients that will do just that and is customizable around your current platform or software program.

Having a solution of this nature to turn the unknown into reliable, timely data enables e-retailers to maximize profits, cut costs, improve customer service, and compete precisely in the ever complex e-shopping network all for a few cents a parcel.

For more information or answers to your questions, please contact Ship Watchers at any time.  24/7 Support including Chat can be found at


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