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swAddress Verfication Solution - Website Address Checking

Ship Watchers offers a great solution for our clients.  A verification tool for your website or Customer Service department saving you thousands on incorrect address corrections incurred on your shipping carrier invoices.

The way it works!

Your website or program will use our scripting located on our servers by sending variables to our servers for verification on the address information before the order is entered.  Our servers will respond with a correct or corrected address for your website or system.  Our development team will help your developers or IT department install the needed scripting to get the data to our servers.  It is easy and simple!

Payment for this solution:

There is a one time setup fee for all clients of $499.  You use our solution monthly for as many addresses you want and we will bill you monthly based on the amount of times your staff or website utilized our servers for address verifications. 

Pricing is tiered base as follows.

Address Verification Tier Monthly Fees

 Volume  Monthly
 1  0  $0.00
 2  1 - 2500  $150.00
 3  2501 - 5000  $250.00
 4  5001 - 8000  $379.00
 5  8001 - 10000
 6  10000 - 15000  $999.00

Above 15,000 in requests is quoted so please contact Ship Watchers for pricing.

This is a great service and will save you thousands each month.



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