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Damage Claims Processing With Ship Watchers

Damage Processing With Ship Watchers

There are two options we offer to clients depending on your volume and shipping characteristics.  An Account Executive at Ship Watchers can help you in setting up a process that best works for you.

Damage Review Plan 1

Ship Watchers offers a plan in which our network will monitor your shipment scans and report back any damages in transit that occur with your shipments.  You handle the rest of the claim process directly with the shipping carrier.  (Free of Charge To All Clients).

Damage Review Plan 2

This plan has Ship Watchers doing all the work for your company.  All claims address and information is put to Ship Watchers' processing center.  We will handle any paper, tracers or claims that come in the mail or electronically from the carrier(s) as well as handle any online shipments that are damaged or lost in transit.  Ship Watchers will process the damage or tracer from start to finish with the shipping carrier on your behalf.  With our Damage Claims Dashboard you can monitor claim status, upload images and documents as required, and access various reporting options.

With this plan all client damage payments made by the carrier are held in a Ship Watchers insured account and payable within 60 Days.  Our only fee is the original cost for shipping the product that the carrier will refund in the claim payment along with the product reimbursement cost as agreed with our auditing terms and conditions.

If you think one of these plans are what your company needs to get your damages under control please contact your Ship Watchers Account Executive today.

(This damage plan is covered under Ship Watchers Terms and Conditions as agreed to by the client at sign up.)

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    Every company has a policy of claiming products in case you receive a Demange product. The information on can help you to understand the process to claim any product which you want to change.