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We offer this solution for all common carriers and LTL, Freight, Ocean, etc..  If you do not see your carrier please contact us at: and one of our agents can add it to your profile.

Your solution should be available within 7 business days.  An Account Management Team member assigned to your account will contact you about the deposit as well as to review what is needed to complete a Contract Consult with an analyst.  This is not part of our standard solutions and is a deposit required solution along with a percentage of savings found going forward.  Contact your Account Management Team if you have any questions about this solution.

This solution requirements are:

- All your shipping accounts added to our network and confirmed.

- Your online web login for the carriers for accessing your data under our agent agreement with your company per our terms and conditions.

- An automated funding payment on file with us.

- Your pricing contracts with all carriers involved along with downloadable rate charts.

- Must have an online data exportable solution compatible to Ship Watchers’ network.  Carrier website logins are compatible with our network as long as a detailed export is available.

We request that you start this process with our analyst 30 days in advance of contract expiration dates to avoid higher fees.

By clicking the “I agree” button you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Ship Watchers and the solution that you are approving.

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    Ship Watchers offers a comprehensive solution for all common carriers, including LTL, freight, ocean, and more. If your specific carrier is not listed, you can contact Ship Watchers at, and their agents will add it to your profile.

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