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swAddress Solution

This is a solution for clients that have large amounts of address corrections that come either from their internal order entry software or from their websites that use the customer as the confirmation of shipping address.  Our solution allows clients to validate against USPS data to insure proper address validation before the “Address Correction” charge.

The swAddress Correction Tool can be integrated into your existing systems by many methods we offer.

- API Access

- Direct Interface

- Scripting Design

- ASP, PHP, XML, etc.

This is not included with our Small Parcel Auditing Solution as a free service.  Our Account Management Team will take your shipping data (must be a current Small Parcel Auditing Client) historically and request an ROI on how much savings our solution can bring you compared to the cost of the solution.  You then decide if you want to use the swAddress tool.  Contact your Account Management Team member here at Ship Watchers for your free ROI to see if the swAddress Tool can save you money while paying for itself before activating this solution.

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