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Selecting Unauthorized will turn on our network monitoring tool that will show you 3rd party accounts billing to your shipping account(s).  Our network will make a list of 3rd party billers along with the detailed charges that they have billed to your account(s).  Then you or your staff can approve whom is allowed to bill to your shipping accounts and whom is Unauthorized.  The Unauthorized charges will be rebilled automatically to the account that originally billed you.  Our network can either automatically rebill the charges based on your list or you approve the ones that need to rebilled.

This solution requirements are:

- All your shipping accounts added to our network and confirmed.

- Your online web login for the carriers for accessing your data under our agent agreement with your company per our terms and conditions.

- Must have an online data exportable solution compatible to Ship Watchers’ network.  Carrier website logins are compatible with our network.

- Maintain any Unauthorized new 3rd party billers that may be added to your list for review.

This is a free solution with our Small Parcel Audit solution clients.

This service is setup for all client account that request it with 7 business days.

By clicking the “I agree” button you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Ship Watchers and the solution that you are approving.

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