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FedEx Not Worried About Amazon’s Logistics Moves

By 24/7 Staff / / March 21st, 2016

During the shipping company's earnings call last week, FedEx CEO Mike Glenn brought up the Amazon rumors, calling them headline-grabbing but not realistic.

Over the past few months, talk has been building about Amazon working on its own logistics service to compete against FedEx and UPS, especially after the e-commerce giant recently confirmed it plans to lease a fleet of 20 jet airplanes.

Now, FedEx has finally responded to the rumors.

FedEx CEO Mike Glenn stated “While recent stories and reports of a new entity competing with the three major carriers in the United States grabs headlines, the reality is it will be a daunting task requiring tens of billions of dollars in capital and years to build sufficient scale and density to replicate existing networks like FedEx.”

Glenn also said that he’s been aware of Amazon’s need to ramp up its logistics capabilities, and acknowledged that Amazon is supplementing FedEx with its own services. But those investments don’t mean that Amazon will stop using FedEx, he said.

“Amazon is a valuable customer that we’ve worked with for many years and we expect to work with them for many years to come,” Glenn said.

And even if Amazon decided to stop using FedEx, the shipping company would still be fine, according to Glenn.

“No one FedEx customer represents more than approximately 3% of total revenue,” he said. “We manage these relationships carefully to ensure we don’t become overly dependent on any one customer.” - 24/7 Support including Chat

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