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Reporting Queue

Main Screen: Reporting Queue

Overview: Our reporting system is based off queued shipping data (by invoice date) in advance to provide you reports based off the time frame you select. You may use the form to enter a certain time frame you are looking for or select one of the available queued dates located in the Queue Data Section.

Instructions on Requesting Shipping Reports: Off to the left of the screen our request form for the network. Enter the “Start Date” (by invoice billed date) and the “End Date” of the data you wish to queue up. Once completed click the “Queue Shipping Data” to submit to the network for processing. Reminder: The more data you request the longer the processing can take as well as your searching abilities with the data. We recommend to keeping your requests to weekly, monthly or quarterly data requests.

Once submitted you should see your data request within the “Queued Data Section” with the status Pending. The status will change to “Completed – Click Here” once the data is ready for you to review.

The normal processing time for the queue is 5 to 30 mins. during normal business hours of 9:00 AM EST – 6:00 PM EST. However may take longer due to the amount of data requested.

Deleting a Request: Simply click the “Delete” button on the request you wish to delete. You will be asked to confirm before the request is completed to delete the data.

Reminder: Once a selection is confirmed to be deleted it cannot be stopped. You may re-request the time frame again even while the delete is being completed if you need that data back.

Schedule an Automated Queued Data Batch File: This allows you to have the network pull data for you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. This will pull automatically for you in the intervals you selected for you to retrieve when you need it.

Simply fill out the form. Enter the “Start Date” (by invoice billed date) and the “End Date” of the data you wish to queue up. Then select the frequency daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Once completed click the “Schedule Auto Pull” to submit to the network for processing automatically for you.

You can also see you scheduled auto sets by clicking the button “View Schedules” button. From this screen you can delete any scheduled auto sets if you wish to have them not populate anymore.

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  3. Alex Gilbert

    I had been trying for hours for the application to write me a report for one of my shipments but wasn't having any luck with it. It's fortunate that I found this.  Let's hope that I get it this time!