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e-Alert (Expiring Credit Card)

Expiring Credit Card Alert

Your credit card is expiring. Please update your funding source to insure proper payments of your Statements of Account. An expiring credit card that is not updated can result in a deposit balance as per our terms and conditions. A depositing balance is created a couple months before your credit card expired if you do not update your credit card information or respond to our e-Alerts to update or let us know you plan on updating your new credit card. A depositing balance is an average of your Statements of Account, enough to cover at least the 30 day cancellation policy per our agreement (+ adjustments in that period over $300).

You can easily avoid this by clicking the link contained within our e-Alerts and to either let the network know you plan on updating the credit card once it is replaced with a new one or you update your funding source to another payment type.

Expiring credit cards also will impact your discount that could be applied to your Statement of Account due to having an automated payment on file with us.

To Update Your Credit Card

(Mouse Over) “Billing” link at top of your main page.

(Click On) “Edit | Add Auto Payment”

Once there you can update your payment information.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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