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Quick View - Zonal View

Main Link: Quick View – Zonal View

How to Access This Dashboard: Starting from your main login screen mouse over the "Services" link at the top of the screen.  Then mouse over the "Reporting" link on the drop down menu and select "Reporting Queue".  There you can select your time frame to the left and complete the queued data request.  Not sure how to use this system? Click Here.  Once your data is queued and completed you can select the time frame to access your Reports.  This dashboard is called "Zonal View".

Overview: Shows you a breakdown of Zones billed per the given date frame by carrier and service level including volume and cost as well as a graphical overview.


Client Name, Ship Watchers’ client name as in our network.

Carrier, Shipping carrier used to ship the shipment.

Service Level, Type of service used for the shipment.

Zone Code, Code provided by the Carrier for Destination.

Volume, Total number of this accessorial for time period selected.

Charged, Total amount charged for this accessorial for time period selected.

Zonal Summary Report (Tab)

Provides a table view of all details and provides export capabilities.

Zonal Grid View (Tab)

Grid View will enable you to sort the results using different drop-down options.  Includes column header, grouping, and totaling options.

Exporting: You may click the “Export results” button to export either all records or by the pages. This button is located at the top of the left hand side.  Some pages have an Excel or Word Icon on the right hand side of the screen for exporting as selected.

Exporting Selected: You can check mark the shipments you wish to export. By clicking the button labeled “Export selected” will allow you to just export those results.

To Export (XLS, DOC, CSV, XML)

Searching: At any time use the main search field to search all data. This may take longer as this field searches all available fields. To do a search on one field in order to speed up your searching use the double arrows down next to the “pin” icon on the main search field. This will give you a list of available fields after you click the “Add Field” button that appears. You can then select the field you want to search and enter your criteria. This is a faster way of searching the data.

Advanced Search: You can select this tab at any time to search for specific fields in addition to the "Add Field" button.

Reminder: You can use the “Show options” button to put in statements for your criteria. (Example: Equals, Between, Not, Contains, etc.)

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  1. Walters Shane

    You can search through all of the data at any time by using the primary search field. Because this field scans all available fields, this could take a little bit longer. Use the double arrows to the right of the "pin" sign on the main search field to narrow your search to just one field so that you can find what you're looking for more quickly.  

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