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e-Alert (Waived Service Failures)

e-Alert Summary

This e-Alert from our network means that your shipping account with the shipping carrier has a service failure wavier in place.  This will not allow Ship Watchers or your company to claim any adjustments for late delivery of shipments.  

e-Alert Resolution

This wavier most often is slipped into a new contract with the shipping carrier.  While the shipping carrier attempts to leverage this for more savings in other services, most of the time that is not needed to get the savings discounts you need for your company.  Service waivers for shipments not delivered on time is why you use express services.  Without that guarantee your shipments may not reach your customers on time and without a refund.  We have been successful as well have our clients, in contacting the shipping carrier and getting the Service Wavier removed from your shipping contract without any repercussions from the shipping carrier.

e-Alert Result

If our network notices a Service Wavier put in place on existing accounts it will notify you as the client and the Account Management team here at Ship Watchers.  Your percentage rate was set on a certain percentage fee when you signed up with Ship Watchers due to having no Service Waiver in place.  Our team will have to reevaluate your account to increase the percentage fee if needed until you have the Service Wavier removed.  Once removed you may contact our Account Management team to reevaluate your account to reduce the fee.




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