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Quick View – Statements of Account (SOA) Dashboard (Parent View)

Main Tab: Quick View – Statements of Account (SOA) Dashboard

Overview:  This dashboard allows the users to see their Statements of Account for Ship Watchers.  Users can download the Statements of Account and details for exportable needs.  It will also allow the users to see real time savings on the account as the adjustments are recorded from the carrier.  Please remember that some adjustments take additional time for the carrier to review.

SOA Stands for Statement of Account.

New Accounts:  When you start with us, Service Failures will be the first thing you will be seeing for adjustments as our network reviews your past shipping data, our agents then also review your data and then our network will begin a “Back Dated” audit of your shipping.  These results from the “Back Dated” audit (if any found) should reflect in your 2nd and 3rd Statement of Account with us.  This is to also prevent abuse of our network with clients wanting just the back dated audit and not compensating Ship Watchers for the work completed.

To Use:  This dashboard is pretty self-explanatory for users.

Year to Date Savings (YEAR) Graph

This graph will show current savings within a 12 month period of your account being with Ship Watchers.  These are savings per month based on the when the adjustment was credited.  Example: FedEx adjustments usually occur to the invoice number and date the shipment originated on.  UPS will credit the next invoice date for the credit placed.

You can hover over the bar charts to see more on the data. 

Monthly totals are located below the graph in savings for a quick view.

Statements of Account (Quick View Section)

Shows you the last 3 Statements of Account upon logging into this dashboard.  You can click the page numbers within the quick view section ([ 1 2 3 4 5…]) to see more Statements of Account. 

PDF - To Download a Statement of Account:  To download a PDF Statement of Account you simply click on the Statement Num. field in any screen.  This will download a pdf version of the Statement of Account for your records.

View Statement of Account Details

Within the Statements of Account (Quick View) Box just click on the row (not the Statement of Account number) in order to get the details of the Statement of Account to show in the “Statements of Account (SOA), Details SOA#” section below.

Statements of Account (SOA), Details SOA#

This section is the detailed information for quick viewing of the Statement of Account. 

Section Information:

Billing Address, Click the plus sign to see the address the Statements of Account are going to.  To make a change to this address you must contact us via chat (upper right hand corner of any screen) or email at: to open a ticket to request your account’s address be changed. 

Statement Info (Tab)

Statement Num., is the Statement of Account number used for billing purposes.  You may click this number to download the PDF of the Statement of Account.

Dated, Statement of Account posted date.

Due Date, The date the Statement of Account is due.  A late fee may be imposed if payment (manual payment clients only) is made after the due date.

Total Due, This shows the total amount due to Ship Watchers after these adjustments have been completed for your account.

Our Fee, Shows the percentage fee Ship Watchers is charging your account.  This fee is based off from a ROI completed on your account at sign up.  This fee is based off volume, cost, service levels, commercial vs. residential, solutions signed up for and more.  The fee is adjusted as needed and can be reviewed for change if needed by Ship Watchers.

Cycle Start, The time frame the Statement of Account is for.  This however may include shipments not shipped during that cycle period.

Cycle End, The time frame the Statement of Account is for.  This however may include shipments not shipped during that cycle period.

Total Saved, Allows the clients to see what the employee time costs along with salary and data connection charges would had cost if they completed the audit on their own.

Total Adjusted, Is the amount that was adjusted and credited to your shipping accounts.

Paperless, Your account is setup on a paperless solution.  This helps with costs and keeps the percentage fee down.  If check marked your account is setup on this service.

Payment Info (Tab)

Status, The status of the Statement of Account (Loading = We are completing audits and this Statement is currently not ready for payment.  Now Due = Statement of Account is loaded and ready for payment.  Past Due = Statement of Account is past due and a late fee may be imposed.  CC – Declined = Your financial information on file was declined, a fee may be imposed if payment is not made.  CC – Expired = The financial information on file has expired.  Please login and update your automated payment.  Closed = No adjustments were found during this time period.)

Paid, Shows the paid amount when the Statement of Account is paid.

Paid Date, Shows the payment date when the payment was processed by our processing center.

Payment Type, Is the type of payment used for payment (CC, Check, ACH, etc)

Payment Confirmation, This is the confirmation number for the payment made.

Billing Terms, All accounts are set on a 7 day net window as the credits have already been applied over the past 30 days before the Statement of Account is published.  Clients needing longer than 7 days need to speak with their Account Management Team to request.

Main Tab: SOA - Grouping

Allows the user to see the Statements of Account and the quick views for seeing the shipping account credited as well as the adjustments placed on each Statement of Account.

Grouping, Is a link to expand on the shipping accounts credited for the adjustments.  This allows users to allocate the credits back to the right department.  Any adjustments amounts in the grouping section that are blank are Ship Watchers internal adjustments (example: Adjustments that came in after the SOA was closed.  The left over amount is adjusted to the next Statement of Account).  These adjustments have already been accounted for in the grouping totals and assigned to the correct shipping account.  If you are allocating cost for shipper numbers ignore these blank groups.

Details, Allows you to expand to a summary of the adjustment details.  You can then click the “Proceed to Adjustment Details” link once it is expanded to export just these adjustments for this invoice.

Main Tab: SOA – Child Accounts

This view shows you all the accounts attached to your parent view. Here you can view and drill down on each Statement of Account with each client. Exporting is provided by completing the following steps. Click the “SOA – Details” of the Statement of Account you wish to export, then next click the “Proceed to SOA – Child Accounts (Details)” link at the top of the section that expands. Then you can select all by the top check mark and click the Export button.

To Export (XLS, DOC, CSV, XML)

Once the Statements of Account Dashboard loads.

Start by clicking the SOA – Grouping Tab.

Click on the “Details” link for the Statement of Account you are wanting to download. From there a summary view of the adjustments will drop down. In order to download or search the adjustments click the link within that adjustment drop down section in the left hand corner called “Proceed to Adjustment Details”. On this screen you can search the details of adjustments as well as export the details out to a useable format for your data needs. 

Choose files or drag and drop files
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