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Ship Watchers Competitive Advantage


We have an automated system in place with the carriers due to our agreements and NDA’s in place that does not tie up carrier employee resources that could be brought into future rate negotiations.  We have our own contacts with the carriers at the corporate level that does not interfere with your current carrier contacts or relationships.  Ship Watchers puts each invoice and shipment through 93 plus audit points (see attached) with a Network developed and maintained by former carrier employees and IT professionals to keep up with the ever changing carrier systems, service levels, and accessorial charges.  We utilize algorithms, outside resource/government tables, and years of historical client data to insure we are catching all possible incorrect charges and errors.  We are not software based and do not have employees combing through invoice data that can result in missed adjustments.  While most auditors only check for late deliveries by day stamps our Network recovers service failures (Money Back Guarantee) by the time stamp increasing your overall savings.  We perform a back-dated audit for all new clients that could turn up significant savings due to rate errors.  Service failures have a shelf-life of 15 days, but all other accessorial and rate errors found can be recovered up to a year or more depending on the adjustments.


Our Web Portal (TIGR – Transportation Intelligence Globally Recognized) brings a myriad of additional solutions, resources, and tools to our clients that further aid in the reduction of transportation spend.  We have an advanced reporting platform that offers search, sort, drill down, and export capabilities with intuitive graph views.  We provide benchmark reporting for rate negotiations and have a Contract Negotiation Solution in which an experienced consultant will work with you to insure a best in class carrier contract.  You can View Savings at any time within the web portal and we invoice you monthly for our fee after you have already realized the carrier credits with a detailed Statement of Account for easy reconciliation.  We offer fee discounts for clients that sign up for auto-payment of their monthly SOA, become a reference on file, and send us referrals that sign up with Ship Watchers. - 24/7 Support including Chat

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