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Bringing Airfreight Home, at the Speed of eCommerce

By 24/7 Staff / / February 8th, 2018

SEKO Logistics has launched a new Airfreight+ Final Mile service in North America to give retailers, marketplace merchants and consumer brands a home delivery solution for bigger, bulkier products that delivers air cargo to their door at the speed of ecommerce.

Already being used by a major electronics retailer in the south east, the new Airfreight+ final Mile service is designed to provide a fast and secure delivery to the customers’ door by combining domestic airfreight with SEKO’s proven final mile delivery service.

It is particularly aimed at retailers selling products such as 60-80” flat screen TVs, bicycles and folding sports equipment such as table tennis and air hockey tables.

James Gagne

“Our launch customer for this service has already reported improved transit times and a significant reduction in damage claims.”James Gagne, SEKO Logistics’ President and CEO

SEKO, which already offers a ground transportation and final mile home delivery service in the United States, says the new service will help customers to increase efficiency and decrease time in transit, reduce claims and damaged goods, and provide full shipment visibility using SEKO’s award winning technology.

SEKO’s airfreight home delivery service offers simpler pricing to all major markets across the U.S. with select markets in Canada.

Following a successful trial for Texas and California shipments, SEKO has expanded its home delivery network to every major market in the United States. Service levels include Express and Standard Airfreight Home Delivery.

James Gagne, President and CEO at SEKO Logistics said:

“Home delivery is not a new concept for SEKO Logistics but airfreight home delivery gives our customers the opportunity to offer an ecommerce-equivalent solution for much bigger items. Our launch customer for this service has already reported improved transit times and a significant reduction in damage claims. By taking airfreight home and filling the growing gap and niche between parcel and heavyweight deliveries, we can offer a U.S-wide delivery network for retailers across North America and open up new markets to consumers that base their buying decisions of the speed and quality of product delivery.”

The launch of SEKO’s Airfreight+ Final Mile service coincides with it earning a place in Multichannel Merchant’s Top 3PL listing for 2018 for its bundled transportation and software solutions. - 24/7 Support including Chat
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