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New fees effective July 9, 2018 for UPS Oversize Limits

Source: UPS / / June 18th, 2018

UPS® continues to see shifts in the market based on consumer buying patterns and the increasedavailability of many different products online. To ensure that our network continues to operate effectivelyfor customers like you, packages tendered to us that exceed our Over Maximum Limits or fall within theOversize Pallet definition will realize new fees effective Monday July 9, 2018.


July 9, 2018
Over Maximum Limits*
$150 per package
$650 per package
Oversize Pallet Handling Surcharge**
$150 per pallet
$650 per pallet

*Packages with an actual weight of more than 150 pounds (70 kg), or that exceed 108 inches (274 cm) in length or a total of 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth combined, as measured to determine their billable weight.

**An Oversize Pallet Handling Surcharge is applied to any UPS Worldwide Express Freight® pallet when its dimensions exceed the maximum size or weight restrictions (which vary by origin and destination) as set forth at

There have also been changes to the Additional Handling description below, found in the 2018 UPSTerms and Conditions of Service and the 2018 UPS Rate Guide.

 "Any article that is not fully encased in corrugated cardboard, including but not limited to metal,wood, hard plastic, soft plastic (e.g., plastic bag) or expanded polystyrene foam (e.g., Styrofoam)" - 24/7 Support including Chat
Small Parcel Negotiation and Audit Consultants

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