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Packaging Corner: Capture length, width and height without a tape measure

By Sara Pearson Specter / / July 6th, 2018

Dimensioning app uses mobile phone’s internal sensors to accurately determine parcel volume.

With commercial freight carriers charging by volume, the ability to quickly and accurately capture the dimensions of a box has become a key area of focus among companies seeking to minimize their shipping costs. But many operations—both at the inbound and outbound ends—still use tape measures to capture length, width and height.

That process is cumbersome and outdated, says Ronen Luzon, CEO and founder of My Size. “Most of the time, operators don’t bother to use a ruler or tape measure; they just guess,” he says. “That leads to discrepancies and often results in additional cost.”

For that reason, My Size recently unveiled the BoxSizeID app for use on any Android or iOS mobile phone or handheld scanning device. “The software utilizes the device’s internal sensors, combined with a proprietary and patent-pending algorithm, to quickly capture accurate measurements in just seconds,” explains Luzon. “When combined with a scan of the box’s bar code, the data is married together in real time for full accuracy.”

Not only is that functionality a considerable time-saver when compared to manual measurements that can take several minutes, the captured data about each parcel is automatically transmitted to an operation’s back end shipping management software. Actual dimensions are then used to calculate shipping costs, or to automatically compare and verify dimensions provided on a manifest.

“For companies building loads for air freight, for example, the data captured from each parcel is instantly analyzed and compared to the available space in multiple air crates,” he adds. “The user can then place the box in a specific crate based on its remaining capacity. That ensures the minimum amount of space is wasted.”

Similarly, the app can be used for building truckloads, or to help individual couriers driving their own vehicles determine if they can handle a parcel based on accurate dimensions before accepting a run.
The app seamlessly integrates with back-end software in less than a day and is highly intuitive, allowing users to be up and running in minutes, adds Luzon. “It can also be white labeled for companies that wish to customize and integrate it specifically to meet their needs,” he concludes. - 24/7 Support including Chat

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